180 Unique and Funny Betta Fish Names for Your Little Friend

180 Unique and Funny Betta Fish Names for Your Little Friend

When you buy a betta fish for the first time, choosing their name may not be your number one priority. However, choosing a good name for them can be a crucial way to bond with your betta fish. Today, it’s time to look at some of the best betta fish names!

Betta fish is a favorite among many aquarists. It shouldn’t be a surprise, considering their bright colors, beautiful fins, and easy maintenance.

But that doesn’t answer our question for the day. What should you name your new little friend? There really is no rule when it comes to naming betta fish, so you can be as creative as you like.

From general color-based, general, cute, to unique names, we have compiled a list of fun betta fish names for you.

How to Choose Good Betta Fish Names

There are many ways you can choose a good name for your fish, but the best names will always have a special meaning to you.

Start by looking at our list of names below and shortlisting some options that stand out to you. Once you have a few choices, simply pick the name that is most suitable for your betta fish.

This could be based on their color, personality, appearance, or their relationship to you. Your fish’s name could even be inspired by your personal interests.

We’ve separated some name ideas depending on different categories. Let’s dive right in!

General Names for Your Betta Fish

Male Betta Fish Names

male betta fish names

Female Betta Fish Names

female betta fish names

Cool Betta Fish Names

Whether that’s to reference the royal-like appearance of the Crowntail or graceful tail of Veiltails, there are some cool and elegant names you can use.

CorneliaIsadoraMontgomeryTitus Andronicus
DianaKing ArthurPrincessaValentine

Pop Culture Names for Betta

Maybe you want to name your fish after your favorite artists, superheroes, or fictional characters. Why not? Here are some ideas!

Ant-ManHarley QuinnMad MaxTarzan
BarneyHufflepuffNick FuryThor
Billy the GoatHulkOprahUriel
CaspianKing KongPunisherVoldemort
DumbledoreLara CroftQueen VictoriaWilly Wonka

Names for Color-Based Betta

Maybe you’d like to name your pet after their color. This could be a good idea as it makes it even easier to remember, especially if you have multiple betta fishes in different colors!

betta fish names by color

Red Betta

Red is often a symbol of passion and fire. You could use these names for your red betta fish, or if they have a feistier personality.


Blue Betta

There are many shades of blue that don’t only look beautiful; they can be excellent names too.


Yellow Betta

If you have a yellow betta fish or one with a bubbly and cheerful personality, these names could be good for them.

CanaryHavanaMarzipanTinker Bell
ChickpeaJaffa CakeOmeletVanilla

White Betta

For your white betta fish, we like names that seem pure and innocent.

BlushFloraPeppermintSnow White

Black Betta

Black betta fish are one of the most beautiful, as its color is bold and brave. Likewise, you should name them accordingly.

Black PantherDon JuanJack BlackRaven

Final Thoughts

Naming your betta fish can be an experience in itself. It doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful, but it matters that you name your little pet with care.

After all, they will be living with you for the next few years. Having a good name will make looking after your betta fish much more enjoyable as your bond feels stronger.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of names until you find the perfect one.

Our list today is comprehensive enough that it should give you a great starting point. However, feel free to explore and find other betta fish names!

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